Brand Rep Post {Serenity Faith_Co}

We LOVE repping for Serenity Faith_Co. I saved these photos from our last shipment with them because I so badly wanted to put her in Gladiator sandals with it….buuuuutttt, I waited to long to try to find some, so we went barefoot! 😉

This Vintage Lace Romper can be purchased {Here}. It is so soft, and the details are so perfect. Use the code “SHARE15” for 15% off, you won’t be sorry.

Had to show of some photos of my little sweetheart. I don’t edit her in her pictures-I prefer for her to actually look like she looks in “real” life-so if you look on her right cheek, you can see a bruise where my poor baby face planted on some tile this past weekend at our friends house. #mommyfail


I have also gotten some  negative, downright nasty emails about putting photos of Emmalynn up and I can assure anyone that has doubts-this child LOVES being a brand rep. She RUNNNS to the mailbox and BEGS me to take photos of her. If she wasn’t interested, we most definitely would not be doing this.

Brand Rep Post {Walking Luna}

Receiving something we would wear anyways, is SUCH a bonus when it comes to being a Brand Rep. Waiting for the rain to stop, however, so we can finally show them off is TORTURE!

Emmalynn loooooves getting packages in the mail and really OOH’d and AAH’d over this one.

We LOVE shopping at small shops, especially for great quality clothes that you can’t find in the big box stores.

Walking Luna is that. The details, are omg.

Look at these buttons:


The fabric is so soft, the colors compliment perfectly, and it would look adorable on anyone!

WalkingLuna knocked it out of the park with this one. Follow her on Instagram {Here}, or check out her website {Here}. She has THE cutest Star Wars get-ups.


{DEAL ALERT!} How to get a Graco Nautilus (Bethany Print) for $79

If you want to skip my story, and just see how to do it…scroll down to the bottom 😛

As it is time to move Emmalynn up to her next car seat, we decided we wanted to get her the same as Beckett. The Graco Nautilus 3-1. We have had such great luck with his, and previously bought 4 different seats before deciding this was the one for us.

This is how things work in our household: Husband tells me to do something. Example: “Just get her the same color as Beckett. There is no need for her to have a pink one. It is more expensive for the same seat.” What I hear: “Well, if I can find the one I want something close to the “same price”, we both win. Right?”

Mission Accepted.

Here is the link for this seat on Amazon (Where I purchase 99% of the things that end up in our house): Graco Bethany List for $159 + $16 Shipping Walmart has this listed Here for $144 (The same price as the same color as Beckett’s seat). At this point, I am feeling good. PLUS, I could do Free Pickup in Store, same day. Happy girl right here.

Soooooo….I load up Emmalynn so excited for her to see her new big girl seat. We march back to the Pickup Site to Store location. The guy brings both of the seats out, and one of them has a clearance sticker on it for $79. I said, “Is that the price of these?” He responds with “Yes, these are on clearance now.” I showed him my receipt where I paid $144 for each of them. He advises me to go Customer Service, return them, and buy them back.

I march up to Customer Service and explain the situation. She scans the box, which rings up $79. I asked if that was the real price, because I had just bought them online only a few hours ago. She explained that they are clearance in the store, but full price online…however that works.

I don’t know if this just works on this color (I am assuming it is), BUT I know for sure this one is.

Step 1: Order Graco Nautilus Here (She said you could have it shipped home and would not have to bring it back to the store for the price reduction…just the receipt).

Step 2: Go to Customer Service and get some money back 🙂

IMG_7295 IMG_7294

Hope this helps someone else too!