Brand Rep Post {Serenity Faith_Co}

We LOVE repping for Serenity Faith_Co. I saved these photos from our last shipment with them because I so badly wanted to put her in Gladiator sandals with it….buuuuutttt, I waited to long to try to find some, so we went barefoot! πŸ˜‰

This Vintage Lace Romper can be purchased {Here}. It is so soft, and the details are so perfect. Use the code “SHARE15” for 15% off, you won’t be sorry.

Had to show of some photos of my little sweetheart. I don’t edit her in her pictures-I prefer for her to actually look like she looks in “real” life-so if you look on her right cheek, you can see a bruise where my poor baby face planted on some tile this past weekend at our friends house. #mommyfail


I have also gotten someΒ  negative, downright nasty emails about putting photos of Emmalynn up and I can assure anyone that has doubts-this child LOVES being a brand rep. She RUNNNS to the mailbox and BEGS me to take photos of her. If she wasn’t interested, we most definitely would not be doing this.

Motivation for the “Working Mom”

I don’t care if you work part time, full time, every day of the week, a couple days of the week, only during the summers, only during the school year, or your job is solely to stay home and take care of your family…it is all work.

We all have a lot on our plates, and when talking with other moms, I realize how alike we all are. We all feel insignificant at times. There are time we can’t keep up. Times we are being pulled in a million directions. Times when we get in our own heads and second guess everything we are doing.

As a follower of Christ, I find that I am spoken to when it is needed the most. At a time when I am wondering if working away from the home is the right thing. Wondering if keeping my kids enrolled in day school is what is truly best for them. After all, most of my working goes to pay to keep them in school. We get a lesson plan sent home over the holiday to continue what they have learned during the week. They were highlighting Colossians 3:23 which says in whatever you to do, to work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.


It all hit me at once, right when I needed it the most. I realized that, although it is not ideal for everyone, my family is right where it needs to be. My kids are in a school that teaches them the love of Jesus. I am blessed to have a job that appreciates me, with a boss that walks with Christ, and understands that I am a Mom, and my family comes first.

I encourage you Moms, when you are at work and feeling insignificant, to remember that you are not here to please your boss. You are working from your heart for the Lord. When you feel like you are being tugged and pulled into a million different directions, just remember, the Lord intended for you to be caregiver for your family. You were made for this, and you have him by your side.


Day 2: 15 Random Facts About Yourself

Hello! Continuing this 30 day challenge today from Erin at A Welders Wife….I should be rewarded for going 2 days πŸ™‚

So, here we go!

  1. I married my college sweetheart.
  2. My favorite restaurant was PF Changs, until we went back for my birthday and it wasn’t that great. Now, I don’t have one.
  3. My best friends are my sisters, and I am so lucky to have 2 of them.
  4. I love decorating the house, which is why I think I really like my job. I love pairing countertops, with tiles and splashes and colors and paint.
  5. I *may* have meant I love decorating Other Peoples Houses, because I only have a few things on the walls at my house.
  6. I have a Goldendoodle named Wrigley, and he is the absolute coolest.
  7. I have recently become a “Pageant Mom.” My daughter is loving competing in pageants right now, and I just love watching her shine so much.
  8. I competed in pageants as a child, but I was way too shy. I didn’t have the personality that Emmalynn has.
  9. I really love watching the Houston Astros, and it has become a family “thing” for us.
  10. I am currently growing a lemon tree, and am super excited about my latest bud.
  11. I order entirely too many things on Amazon Prime.
  12. I am an extremely overprotective Momma.
  13. My birthday was 3 days ago, and I am a little depressed about being 29.
  14. I married into a BIG family, and it is one of my favorite things.
  15. I am NO GOOD at keeping secrets.

30 Day Challenge

See you tomorrow!


Diapering My Babies {A Review of The Honest Company Diapers}

When my son was born, we used Pampers, Huggies, Target, Babies-R-Us diapers..whatever was on sale, and he never had any issues.

My Daughter is a whole different story. We tried Pampers, and they irritated her skin. Tried Huggies…same thing. Creams wouldn’t fix it, home remedies would not fix it, I started to feel helpless. Then I stumbled onto the Honest Diapers. At this point, I had tried everything else, so I wanted to try “cute” diapers now (silly, I know). BUT I have been so glad I did. Her rash cleared up in the matter of 2 days. And when I say “Rash”-her tiny bottom literally looked like she had chemical burns on them. I knew they were worth the price. I had the mom guilt of putting one child in Pampers and the other in Honest diapers, so we made the switch to them both wearing the Honest Diapers. To this day, we are still Honest wearers. Can’t put my son in any others now.

I have had so many people make comments to me that “You must be rich”, “How can you afford those?”, or “Do you just use those because they are cute?” so I thought I would share the breakdown my husband and I came up with when making the switch.

Honest Diapers (Size 5-150 diapers in a box) + 4 Packages of Wipes (72 sheets per pkg): $79.95

Huggies Snuggle Pack Diapers (Size 5-96 per Box) + 4 Packages of Huggies Simple Clean Wipes (72 sheets per pkg): Took the average price per diaper ($34.47) divided by the number of diapers in a package (96) and came up an average price of .35 cents per diaper. .35 cents per diaper x 150 (# of diapers in the Honest Bundle) = $53.86. Wipes: 4 packages x $1.97 = $7.88. $53.86+$7.88 = $61.74

This is a difference of $18.21. And I used the cheapest Huggies at Wal-Mart for a comparison. And it comes to my front door. And we haven’t had a rash since. And…they are so stinking cute. That is so worth it to me πŸ™‚


My Babies

Irish Twins: 2 babies born within 12 months of each other.

My Irish Twins: 2 babies born within 12 months of each other in the same calendar year (2013).

Things that are hard:

  1. Getting a photo of them together…smiling..looking at the camera
  2. Potty training 2 at once
  3. Everyday tasks
  4. Bath Time
  5. Bed Time
  6. Dinner Time
  7. Play Time
  8. ….I think you get it πŸ˜‰

Things that are easy:

  1. Smothering those babies with Love.
  2. Spending all my money on them
  3. Putting them first.

They are so smart. I love listening to them talk and reason. This morning it was “Mom, we need to wear our jackets because it is dark out.” Can’t argue with that.

My Son, Beckett, was MEANT to be a big brother. My daughter, Emmalynn, was MEANT to be a princess πŸ™‚

Looking forward to posting about my crazy daily life with these 2 angels.