Motivation for the “Working Mom”

I don’t care if you work part time, full time, every day of the week, a couple days of the week, only during the summers, only during the school year, or your job is solely to stay home and take care of your family…it is all work.

We all have a lot on our plates, and when talking with other moms, I realize how alike we all are. We all feel insignificant at times. There are time we can’t keep up. Times we are being pulled in a million directions. Times when we get in our own heads and second guess everything we are doing.

As a follower of Christ, I find that I am spoken to when it is needed the most. At a time when I am wondering if working away from the home is the right thing. Wondering if keeping my kids enrolled in day school is what is truly best for them. After all, most of my working goes to pay to keep them in school. We get a lesson plan sent home over the holiday to continue what they have learned during the week. They were highlighting Colossians 3:23 which says in whatever you to do, to work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.


It all hit me at once, right when I needed it the most. I realized that, although it is not ideal for everyone, my family is right where it needs to be. My kids are in a school that teaches them the love of Jesus. I am blessed to have a job that appreciates me, with a boss that walks with Christ, and understands that I am a Mom, and my family comes first.

I encourage you Moms, when you are at work and feeling insignificant, to remember that you are not here to please your boss. You are working from your heart for the Lord. When you feel like you are being tugged and pulled into a million different directions, just remember, the Lord intended for you to be caregiver for your family. You were made for this, and you have him by your side.


Beckett’s Big Boy Room {My Labor Day Project}

Many of you spent time in the sun, on vacation, went to see family, slept in and laid around-which are all things I wanted to do. We had planned on going with my Husband’s mother to Lake Travis, but I told him I reallllllly needed to start tackling some of my to-do lists. We moved into our house on May 5, and nothing has been done. Boxes are still everywhere, its so overwhelming.

So reading around online-one way to tackle this is to do one room at a time. DUH. Why did I have to read this from someone else for it to click with me?

I started with the easiest room first-my sons. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, so I felt like it was an accomplishable goal.

I am so excited to reveal it!


If you follow me on Instagram {Beemaloveblog}, you may have seen that my son thought he would be a big help, and add some of that red paint onto the wall beside it. Soooo…my project went from painting one wall red, to painting the other 3 walls gray. That baseball rug is also hiding some red paint on the carpet. Gotta love three year olds.

The comforter set is from Targets Pillowfort Line Here

The circle signs on the wall came from Kirklands

And the Letters above his bed came from Michaels, and they had a lot to choose from. Link Here


I found this picture at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it. Beckett has just grown at lightening speeds, and is always trying to do things he is not ready for. I hope when he learns to read, he looks at this every time he walks in his room.


I was so excited to reveal his room to him, and he told me that it was “Totally Awesome”, so that made it all worthwhile.

How I created a Princess Wardrobe Closet in 20 Minutes for $32.46

Princess dresses are all the rage at my house at the moment, and I am not going to lie…I sort of love it.

I love watching my sweet girl dress up like her favorite characters. So much so, that I wanted to dedicate an area in her room for her to be able to access it on her own. Plus, they are super cute…so why not display them?


I went to my go-to for inspiration…Pottery Barn Kids. I fell in love with the Ava Regency Wardrobe (pictured below)…and also advertised by Stephen Curry’s Daughters Playroom. Which, was almost immediately sold out. I love the intricate details on the sides, however, did not want to pay the hefty price tag. Plus, Emmalynn’s room is your average size, and I thought this would impede on her playing space.

Pottery Barn Wardrobe Closet

Determined to find something equally as awesome, I headed to At Home for ideas. Stumbling upon this fantastic shelf, I loved the details, and that it was already white to match her furniture…and only $29.99.

At Home Shelf 2

Pardon the toys… When creation strikes, there is no time to clean

At Home Shelf

I had some 5/8″ Cup hooks laying around in the garage. I flipped this shelf over and starting screwing them in underneath. I slightly staggered them so the dresses on the hangars would not crowd each other.

At Home Shelf 3-1

Once I did this, I convinced my dear husband to hang this up for us.

At Home Shelf Complete

So in love with how it turned out! And even more excited that it doesn’t take up too much space.

Now…excuse me while I venture out to find a “Princess” mirror.

What do you think? Anyone done anything similar?