Brand Rep Post {Walking Luna}

Receiving something we would wear anyways, is SUCH a bonus when it comes to being a Brand Rep. Waiting for the rain to stop, however, so we can finally show them off is TORTURE!

Emmalynn loooooves getting packages in the mail and really OOH’d and AAH’d over this one.

We LOVE shopping at small shops, especially for great quality clothes that you can’t find in the big box stores.

Walking Luna is that. The details, are omg.

Look at these buttons:


The fabric is so soft, the colors compliment perfectly, and it would look adorable on anyone!

WalkingLuna knocked it out of the park with this one. Follow her on Instagram {Here}, or check out her website {Here}. She has THE cutest Star Wars get-ups.


Beckett’s Big Boy Room {My Labor Day Project}

Many of you spent time in the sun, on vacation, went to see family, slept in and laid around-which are all things I wanted to do. We had planned on going with my Husband’s mother to Lake Travis, but I told him I reallllllly needed to start tackling some of my to-do lists. We moved into our house on May 5, and nothing has been done. Boxes are still everywhere, its so overwhelming.

So reading around online-one way to tackle this is to do one room at a time. DUH. Why did I have to read this from someone else for it to click with me?

I started with the easiest room first-my sons. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, so I felt like it was an accomplishable goal.

I am so excited to reveal it!


If you follow me on Instagram {Beemaloveblog}, you may have seen that my son thought he would be a big help, and add some of that red paint onto the wall beside it. Soooo…my project went from painting one wall red, to painting the other 3 walls gray. That baseball rug is also hiding some red paint on the carpet. Gotta love three year olds.

The comforter set is from Targets Pillowfort Line Here

The circle signs on the wall came from Kirklands

And the Letters above his bed came from Michaels, and they had a lot to choose from. Link Here


I found this picture at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it. Beckett has just grown at lightening speeds, and is always trying to do things he is not ready for. I hope when he learns to read, he looks at this every time he walks in his room.


I was so excited to reveal his room to him, and he told me that it was “Totally Awesome”, so that made it all worthwhile.

Wrangling in my Three-nager


My son will be 4 in 5 months.  I have heard the stories. “Two is nothing..wait until 3”, but I still thought (…like everything else since having kids), “not me. My kids won’t do that…”

This past week it has been R O U G H to say the least. I can’t decide whether it is because Dad is out of town for work, so he knows Mommy is usually a push-over, or he is just growing like crazy and not getting enough sleep, or he literally turned into a teenager overnight.

Today, I was pushed over my limit. As a working mom, I can’t tell you how excited I am to rush out of the office and head to the kids school to pick them up. The 3 of us get into a routine when Dad travels, and usually, it just works.

Yesterday, I got a report that he didn’t listen, and hit a girl on the head with a bowling pin. After calling my husband crying, he told me to hold off on any crazy punishments and just talk to him. So, we talked, and prayed, and talked some more and agreed that today would be better.

Today, I got a report that he was worse than yesterday-hitting, tripping, even running into a bathroom to kick a friend while he was going potty. He was not allowed to participate in today’s fun activities, but his teacher also told him he cannot play with his class tomorrow during water day.

I had the whole way home to determine “punishments.”

We are absolutely an outdoor family. Time spent together is done outside, playing games like soccer, hockey, baseball, playing in the sandbox, on the playground, going for walks…whatever we can come up at the time. So my #1 rule, was that he was not allowed to play outside today-which created a H U G E hole in his heart.

My #2 rule was “No movie before bedtime.” My father in law is probably rolling in his grave knowing I allow him to lay in bed and watch a movie while he falls asleep, but for me, something has to give-and there is not enough time in the evening to get everything done that I need to. Even though he is always watching something educational, he doesn’t know it, so bedtime tonight was quite the struggle.

My #3 rule was “No playing with any of your toys.” He wasn’t allowed to pick up a single toy this evening. I told him instead, if he needed an activity, he could practice writing his letters. I shouldn’t have been so excited, but he wrote a B by himself for the first time tonight, y’all. Had to remind myself that this was currently a punishment. But still, he did so good! (He will NEVERRRR sit down long enough to let me practice with him)


My Rule #4 was that he had to help wash the dishes. He actually had so much fun with this rule, that he quit fighting me on anything, and asked if he can do the dishes every night. Maybe, he had fun, or maybe he is already a super manipulating grown person inside a child body that he wanted me to second guess myself, and it worked.


My last rule was that he had to help me put away all the laundry I have been folding while they slept, but were unable to go put in their rooms. Once again, he loved it so much, he asked if he could put his sisters clothes away too.


In no way do I condone his behavior at school today, but after all has been said and done I am posting this in hopes that I wasn’t too hard on him. I have prayed over him, prayed for myself, and prayed for God to help me guide him, and help me show him the way that God intends on us treating our family and friends. I also thought maybe some other mommies are or have been at a point where they just don’t know what to do anymore, and can offer some advice, or maybe just reading one tiny bit of what I have been going through will make them feel like they don’t have it so bad :P. Punishing at home, for what was done at school, is so, so hard. None of these behaviors are displayed at home. I keep reminding myself that he is only 3, and really (usually) has a heart of gold. I also know that I am in no way a perfect parent. Plus, seeing his abilities today, I may be implementing a chore chart very soon.

So, what is it? Have you been there? Are you here now? Are you like I was, and think it would never be your kid? I would love to hear 🙂


Day 2: 15 Random Facts About Yourself

Hello! Continuing this 30 day challenge today from Erin at A Welders Wife….I should be rewarded for going 2 days 🙂

So, here we go!

  1. I married my college sweetheart.
  2. My favorite restaurant was PF Changs, until we went back for my birthday and it wasn’t that great. Now, I don’t have one.
  3. My best friends are my sisters, and I am so lucky to have 2 of them.
  4. I love decorating the house, which is why I think I really like my job. I love pairing countertops, with tiles and splashes and colors and paint.
  5. I *may* have meant I love decorating Other Peoples Houses, because I only have a few things on the walls at my house.
  6. I have a Goldendoodle named Wrigley, and he is the absolute coolest.
  7. I have recently become a “Pageant Mom.” My daughter is loving competing in pageants right now, and I just love watching her shine so much.
  8. I competed in pageants as a child, but I was way too shy. I didn’t have the personality that Emmalynn has.
  9. I really love watching the Houston Astros, and it has become a family “thing” for us.
  10. I am currently growing a lemon tree, and am super excited about my latest bud.
  11. I order entirely too many things on Amazon Prime.
  12. I am an extremely overprotective Momma.
  13. My birthday was 3 days ago, and I am a little depressed about being 29.
  14. I married into a BIG family, and it is one of my favorite things.
  15. I am NO GOOD at keeping secrets.

30 Day Challenge

See you tomorrow!


{DEAL ALERT!} How to get a Graco Nautilus (Bethany Print) for $79

If you want to skip my story, and just see how to do it…scroll down to the bottom 😛

As it is time to move Emmalynn up to her next car seat, we decided we wanted to get her the same as Beckett. The Graco Nautilus 3-1. We have had such great luck with his, and previously bought 4 different seats before deciding this was the one for us.

This is how things work in our household: Husband tells me to do something. Example: “Just get her the same color as Beckett. There is no need for her to have a pink one. It is more expensive for the same seat.” What I hear: “Well, if I can find the one I want something close to the “same price”, we both win. Right?”

Mission Accepted.

Here is the link for this seat on Amazon (Where I purchase 99% of the things that end up in our house): Graco Bethany List for $159 + $16 Shipping Walmart has this listed Here for $144 (The same price as the same color as Beckett’s seat). At this point, I am feeling good. PLUS, I could do Free Pickup in Store, same day. Happy girl right here.

Soooooo….I load up Emmalynn so excited for her to see her new big girl seat. We march back to the Pickup Site to Store location. The guy brings both of the seats out, and one of them has a clearance sticker on it for $79. I said, “Is that the price of these?” He responds with “Yes, these are on clearance now.” I showed him my receipt where I paid $144 for each of them. He advises me to go Customer Service, return them, and buy them back.

I march up to Customer Service and explain the situation. She scans the box, which rings up $79. I asked if that was the real price, because I had just bought them online only a few hours ago. She explained that they are clearance in the store, but full price online…however that works.

I don’t know if this just works on this color (I am assuming it is), BUT I know for sure this one is.

Step 1: Order Graco Nautilus Here (She said you could have it shipped home and would not have to bring it back to the store for the price reduction…just the receipt).

Step 2: Go to Customer Service and get some money back 🙂

IMG_7295 IMG_7294

Hope this helps someone else too!


Diapering My Babies {A Review of The Honest Company Diapers}

When my son was born, we used Pampers, Huggies, Target, Babies-R-Us diapers..whatever was on sale, and he never had any issues.

My Daughter is a whole different story. We tried Pampers, and they irritated her skin. Tried Huggies…same thing. Creams wouldn’t fix it, home remedies would not fix it, I started to feel helpless. Then I stumbled onto the Honest Diapers. At this point, I had tried everything else, so I wanted to try “cute” diapers now (silly, I know). BUT I have been so glad I did. Her rash cleared up in the matter of 2 days. And when I say “Rash”-her tiny bottom literally looked like she had chemical burns on them. I knew they were worth the price. I had the mom guilt of putting one child in Pampers and the other in Honest diapers, so we made the switch to them both wearing the Honest Diapers. To this day, we are still Honest wearers. Can’t put my son in any others now.

I have had so many people make comments to me that “You must be rich”, “How can you afford those?”, or “Do you just use those because they are cute?” so I thought I would share the breakdown my husband and I came up with when making the switch.

Honest Diapers (Size 5-150 diapers in a box) + 4 Packages of Wipes (72 sheets per pkg): $79.95

Huggies Snuggle Pack Diapers (Size 5-96 per Box) + 4 Packages of Huggies Simple Clean Wipes (72 sheets per pkg): Took the average price per diaper ($34.47) divided by the number of diapers in a package (96) and came up an average price of .35 cents per diaper. .35 cents per diaper x 150 (# of diapers in the Honest Bundle) = $53.86. Wipes: 4 packages x $1.97 = $7.88. $53.86+$7.88 = $61.74

This is a difference of $18.21. And I used the cheapest Huggies at Wal-Mart for a comparison. And it comes to my front door. And we haven’t had a rash since. And…they are so stinking cute. That is so worth it to me 🙂