An Open Letter to Moms on their First Day of Daycare


Hi Momma.

Just want you to know that you are not alone. We all have been there. Standing in the hallway crying while your baby is screaming, calling for you, doing everything possible to keep you from walking out the door. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but it does get easier, for both of you.

I don’t know your circumstances. I don’t know if you are a mommy working away from your home, or if you just need a few hours a day to get something done without kids, or even if you are just trying enhance your child’s social skills. In this moment, we are all the same.

I seriously want to come up and hug you and tell you that it is going to be okay, but in that moment, “being okay” doesn’t even seem like a place you want to end up. You don’t ever want to “be okay” with your kids not yearning for you when you are not there. Not in that moment, and not under these circumstances, anyway.

I have personally sat in meetings in the conference room at my office with tears streaming down my face, still from the dreaded morning drop off-trying to control my emotions, with no success. This is after I balled my eyes out in the car immediately following my breakdown in their cute little classrooms. No, sorry lady that needs my parking spot-I can’t back up now, I am currently creating a family budget that would include me staying home and selling my soul to my house.

But the truth it, it really does get better. You come to realize that it is great feeling when your kids race to their classroom, and boast about the love they have for their friends and teachers. And how much they learn. And just how awesome the playground is at school. There is nothing better you could ask for than for your kids to actually enjoy the company and knowledge they are receiving. If you are a working mom, like me, the tables turn. I no longer have the “My kids have to go to school so I can go to work” attitude. I want to work so my kids can attend school. Plus, I bet your childs Kindergarten teacher will thank you! Your child will be prepared, and already in the motions of learning. Every kindergarten teacher I know has said the first few weeks of school are R O U G H! Kids come in to a school setting for the first time, and are in complete shock.

Chances are, your kids teacher are here because they LOVE kids. We have been extremely lucky with teachers, and have no doubt that my kids are more than taken care of in their current school. Sharing some super sweet notes from my kids teachers. Also, if you follow me on Instagram {Here} I often share the hilarious send home notes that I find in their backpacks everyday.

So, mama, don’t be embarrassed. Don’t feel alone. Try not to feel sad. All of those knots in your stomach disappear when you go back to pick your little one up and they come running to you like nothing else in the world matters. You are doing this for them, and you are a great mommy.


7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Moms on their First Day of Daycare

  1. Gosh, I totally remember the first time I had to leave my firstborn…. she was a mere 9 weeks old and I was a full-time teacher. I was leaving her with my best friend, and even then I had felt my world crumbled! That was a little less than five years ago, and now I look forward to preschool dropoff!! hahahahaha

    This post is so sweet! You definitely have a great teacher with your son, too. Those text updates mean the world!


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